We've worked on this project over the past month. Everything but the Ren'Py engine and the stock photo backgrounds were created by us. If you are interested in the creation process of this kinetic novel feel free to join my discord and let me know. If you like what the team has done please look at the credits and give them some praise and support!

Install instructions

Windows - Unzip and execute the .exe file

Linux - Unzip and execute the .sh file

Android - Install v7a if you have an older version of android. Otherwise install v8a


Chimes Windows and Linux 49 MB
Chimes Mac 31 MB
Chimes Android v7a 35 MB
Chimes Android v8a 34 MB
Chimes Chrome Book 36 MB


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Congrats, dev team. I liked it. I wouldn't really call this a "game", though. I'd call it a short story, or something like that. Not an interactive story, as those tend to let you choose different commands which will bring you into branching paths for example. But still, I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the effort you all put into this, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity of experiencing it. So, thank you :-)

Keep it going!